Character bios – Madison Marshall

These are a quick bios of our main characters in our opening sequence of the film “Amy”

Screenshot_2015-11-25-08-46-27 (1)Amy – She is a 4 year old girl, she’s her fathers favourite. She loves pink and wants to one day become a princess. She is very close to her Grandfather and feels she couldn’t bear to loose him. She loves to play with her toys and has a huge collection of dolls in her room. She loves the doll her Grandfather gave her most Anne. She hates her mother as she treats her so poorly. She also despises her brother as he is always bullying her and taking Anne away. She just wishes they could all be happy again like when Jake was first born.



Jake -He is aged 8, he is very shy and hardly talks. He loves his mother Cathy more than anything but he knows that she loves his father more. he wishes she could be happy and love him more. He loves to play catch and football at school. He often spends his time at home playing on his computer trying to stay out the way of family. He hates Amy because he keeps his fathers attention away from him and his mother. he wishes she would go away.


IMG_0002Max – He is aged 17, he is just looking for some extra money so he took the job off his sister. He loves just being out with his mates and is spending a lot of time in college. He a good lad, always looks after his mother and watches out for his sister and younger brother. He likes children but doesn’t really know why. He has been with his girlfriend for 8 months now and thinks it could be serious and wants to treat her with the money he earn this weekend.