Distribution company’s – Madison Marshall

Hammer Films 

This company is known for its Gothic horror films through the 1950’s the 1970’s. It was first founded in 1934 in London. This makes it our only British distributor on this list. Along side its Gothic horrors Hammer Films has also created Science fiction, Film Noire and Thrillers.  The biggest reason for its success was that it often partnered up on projects with large American distributors such as Universal studios.

Compass International Pictures

Compass was an American distribution company founded by Irwin Yablans and Joseph Wolf.  The company is prominently known for the horror Halloween from 1977, the sadly closed down in 1981. The company is now known as a subsidiary of Trancas International Films, Inc. In its peak it was incredibly popular but it could not make the money to keep its doors open.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Searchlight is an American distribution company within the Fox Entertainment company, connected to this 2oth Century Fox. Searchlight specifically focuses on British and Independent films and of course Horror and Drama. The company has created such classics as The hills have eyes and 28 days later which both are known for the horror they bring to life.

Madison Marshall.