Horror Theorists – Liam Higgins


Horror Theorists

Carol Clover // Final Girl Theory:

Carol Clover produced the theory of the “final girl”. She goeshe has used a female instead. The final girl is often the last character left alive who confronts the killer, she is left to tell the storclover_cy and events frequently unfold from their point of view.

The final girl is never sexually active, and is classed as the “Virgin”. In most cases, the sexually active characters are often the first to die. Therefore audiences can indicate who the “final girl” is from an early stage, often through social events within the film.

Also, the final girl is presented to be intelligent and resourceful in contrast to those around her. The characters around her are usually victimised due to their ignorance and lack of knowledge.

Wes Craven // Safe Places Theory:

Wes Craven believed that horror movies have more impact and effect when filmed in stereotypically safe places. For example, a fa1035x1538-GettyImages-152157250mily home.  This is an area that is associated with safety and peace. However, his theory usually includes an absence of authority within the household. In most cases, the parents usually go on holiday etc… This removes the sense of security within the life of the main character.

Wes craven has produced a wide range of brilliant films through his theory, these include: Scream, Scream 4, My Soul To Take, and New Nightmare. These films all include his theory of “safe places”.

Kaminsky // Weapons:

Stuart Kaminsky believed that the killer’s weapon is often an extension to their character. Suggesting that the weapon can clestuart_1535942carly identify the characters mental state. For example, if a character is using a weapon of carnage such as a chainsaw, this connotes to the audience that they are possibly insane and reckless.

Kaminsky also suggested that guns are too clean, he believed that the only people within horror movies with guns are authority figures. Such as a chairman, or person of importance. However, these are never used effectively and usually have problems.

-Liam Higgins