Question 4- Madison Marshall

Who would the audience be for your media product?

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Who would be the audience be for your media product?

Well to start with we rated our film a 15 this gives us our lowest possible audience which is 15, this decision was made looking at other horror such as The woman In Black and Momma. We also came to this conclusion as the BBFC has guidelines to age and what is suitable for different ages, as our opening has graphic scenes and our film contains death and murder we placed it at a 15. Both films are rated 15 and involve children. We then looked at the key themes in our film to choose our specific audience, these consist of murder, possession and supernatural. Linking to other films us but the main age range as 15-25 this is very common in horror and will help when marketing our film. We wanted to have no specific gender as most horror are aimed at particularly males. Our film has a mixed cast of male and female so our character can be relateable to both genders, our plot doesn’t target a gender either. This allows for a bigger audience overall. We also wanted to target no particular social group we achieved this by using mainly children as they cannot be identified as easy as teenagers or adults. This allowed us to challenge the stereo type of children and also females being weak which we wanted to use to gain a larger audience. Due to primary research that involved asking a range of people questions surrounding horror we had found that many teens preferred slasher and paranormal films over others. This meant that we had a key audience to aim our film at. We had also decided to make a gore film to add interest in our audience. After us being given positive feedback by an audience of 16-17 year old we had seen that we had met the audience we had hoped for.