Representation Analysis – Madison Marshall

Representation Scream Analysis

imagesRepresentation ids key in any film or TV show and even magazines. The use of representation helps to create meaning but can also generate a larger audience. Representation is a way for the media industry to re-present or deal creates an individual or a group. This is why stereotypes are used almost always in films. I will be talking about the use of representation I the opening of Scream 1996 Wes Craven. I will talk about the use of gender, age and class used throughout the extract to create a meaning and an appeal to larger audience.

Gender is one of the largest uses of representation in media and film. This is a way to create the stereotypic depictions of genders that we are all use to. In the clip from scream we see this use of a weak blond bimbo against a calm and collected male. At the opening we see a young, pretty and blonde haired girl. She immediately fits our idea of the high school cheerleader; this is a way to create a character background without even much thought from the viewer. Throughout the clip the girl is seen as weaker but also sexualised character. We can see this as she talking down the phone; this is a way to demonstrate the personality but also links back to the stereotype of the blond bimbo.  In comparison to the man down the phone shows the binary opposites between the genders.  The man is calm and collected as the female is frantic and flirty. The direct divide shows that they are different and will always be different.  The man is presented as a stable character and he’s the one in control, we can see this by the variety of high angle shots looking down on the female on the phone. This can also been seen as he can affect her so easily but saying little things. Overall the representation of gender in the scream opening helps to identify the stronger gender but also the clear split of male and female.5127F505WAL

Age is used a lot in media creations. Such as teen romance and teen slashers films much like Scream. The use of younger characters create a larger audience but also can be used to create an effect and meaning. Much like if you used a child in a horror it makes the fear greater as a child is more vulnerable and innocent. This could be argued that it’s used in Scream as the girl is younger and weaker as the man. We get this impression as the man sounds powerful which adds to the idea of an older man. But the use of a teen girl shows weakness and vulnerability but not to the degree of a younger child. The use of a teen actor makes the appeal of the film greater to a larger audience. The teen aspect of these films means it relatable to teens. This is due to the horror film main audience being teens and young people.  Age can be seen in this clip by the clothing she’s wearing it’s fashionable to the time and the use of the horror movie in the background makes the teen idea much stronger. To add to this as the clip continues she becomes more frantic and talks about her boyfriend who is a typical football player. This makes her weaker but also immature as she’s threatening him with him. Overall age is represented negatively towards the audience as the teens are seen as immature and weak. This also sets the tone of the film as we can see its going be based around teens and young people.

1346794676_scream1Class is shown straight away at the opening of the clip which the setting. We see an establishing shot of the house which highlight the wealth of the family and how well off they are in there lives. Also the objects in the house help to create the idea of a higher class. The tracking shot used in the clip allows us to follow her around the house and see the environment she lives. Everything we are presented with right down to the kitchen helps to connote the type of family she is a part of. Every aspect of her creates this working class or even higher class perspective. This is a way to create a relationship between the audience and her as it creates a story to attach to her. This is a good way o engage an audience as they get to add their own emotion and history to a character and makes the film almost more relatable and thought provoking. This is due to the fact they can create the concept that the character can have a life just like them.

Overall many forms of representation are used in the opening of Scream. The use of representation helps an audience form a relationship and story behind almost any character in a film or television show. But representation can be both positive and negative which is a lot like the clip from scream. Age is seen negatively but it is also a realistic representation of a teen girl. But then gender could be argued as females are seen as weak but males are seen as powerful and the superior of the pair. Also the use of class is seen negatively but also positively. Overall class is used a lot in this clip as it generates a meaning to an audience and a larger audience.

Madison Marshall


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