Saul Bass – Rhys Crane

Saul Bass was a graphic designer and a filmmaker but was probably most well-known for his sequence openers and film poster designs. He worked as a graphic designer and a filmmaker for 40 years and worked with some big Hollywood names such as Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Otto Preminger, Billy Wilder, and Martin Scorsese. The Man with the Golden Arm (1955) was when Bass became well-known as he was the one who created the opening sequence for it. Bass, later on in his career, created a new type of kinetic typography which created effective and memorable title sequences for Alfred Hitchcock. The films these were used in were Psycho and North by Northwestbass

Bass created many famous logos as well in his career. These logos include the original AT&T bell logo in 1969, as well as their later globe logo in 1983. He also designed Continental Airlines’ 1968 jetstream logo and United Airlines’ 1974 tulip logo which have become some of the most recognized logos of the era.

In 1955, Bass teamed up with Elaine Makatura to create the opening sequence to Spartacus (1960). He married Makatura and continued to work with her to create many other successful opening sequences.

Cape fear (1991)

Minute/second Action on screen Names
0:05 Distribution company Universal
0:26 Production company American entertainment, cappa films, tripeca productions
0:33 Director
0:44 Main actor Robert di Nero
0:48 Actor Nick Nolte
0:49 actress Jessica Lange
0:55 Title of film Cape Fear
1:02 Close up of eye
1:07 Actor Joe Don Baker
1:10 Actor Robert Mitchum
1:13 Actress Juliette Lewis
1:16 Actor Gregory Peck
1:24 Actors Martin Balsam, Fred Dalton Thompson, Illeana Douglas
1:26 Casting Ellen Lewis
1:31 Close up of face
1:35 Title sequence by… Saul Bass, Elaine
1:38 Arranged and conducted by… Elmer Bernstein
1:43 Costume designer Rita Ryack
1:49 Reflection of face in lake
1:50 Editor Thelma Schoonmaker
1:54 Production designer Henry Bumstead
1:56 Director of photography Freddie Francis
2:00 Executive producers Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall
2:02 Based on screenplay by… James R Webb
2:07 Reflection of bottom half of body
2:12 Screenplay by… Wesley Strick
2:15 Produced by… Barbra De Fina
2:23 Water turns red
2:25 Directed by… Martin Scorsese
2:28 Close up of eyes
2:36 Dialogue, close up of face
2:40 Dialogue, fades to black screen