Secondary Data – Madison Marshall

There are many different forms of horror films but some are more popular than others, this is my secondary research focusing in on what other people think of horror and what genre is the most popular and which plot lines are seen most frequently.

I viewed ‘Watchimojo’ the YouTube channel’s video on horror films identifying what they deem and what is know as some of the best horror films. They identify that classic slasher films such as Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Nightmare On Elm Street as some of the best horrors of all time linking to our audience research that slasher is the most liked genre. They also claimed that Psycho is the best horror of all time which again is a slasher. Also to grace the list is Physiological and paranormal which was also a source of inspiration for our horror.

Rotten Tomatoes Top Horror Films Of All Time


Rotten Tomatoes list consists of mainly physiological horrors and many Gothic horrors. This could possibly mean the audience we are targeting wasn’t taken into consideration when creating this list but it does feature Psycho which is a slasher and the backbone to almost all slashers made after that time.

IGN’s list yet again is filled with classics such as Jaws, Psycho and The Exorcist. All these have horrific aspects and there own Sub genre. All the lists we have seen grace the title Psycho as there top or close to top and this puts forward strongly that slasher is the most popular sub genre