Soundtrack Research – Liam Higgins

Music and Sound Effects Research

Using YouTube I researched a variety of horror soundtracks and decided what style would be suitable for our opening sequence. Due to us including young children within the sequence, we are aiming to use a disturbing soundtrack that includes piano and chiming sounds. These instruments have a creepy effect on the audience, and could foreshadow that our sequence will be including characters of a younger age.

Haunted (Copyright & Royalty Free)

This royalty free soundtrack features the elements that we are looking for. The soundtrack gradually builds up using a piano and possibly a triangle, this gives the instrumental a child-like nature. Eventually, a stab sound is introduced which re-directs the sound tracks effect to a more unsettling tone. At this point, the instruments gradually increase in volume which creates a slow build of tension for the audience.

Haunted Places (Copyright & Royalty Free)

This royalty free soundtrack includes tension building elements by using instruments such as drums and violins. These instruments also create an uneasy atmosphere for the audience. As the soundtrack progresses, more instruments are introduced and the tempo increases. This alters the audience’s mood gradually, and causes them to become more unsettled as the soundtrack progresses.

Inner Sanctum (Copyright & Royalty Free)

This royalty free soundtrack contains what seems to be non-diegetic sounds of nature. Suggesting that this soundtrack is more suitable within a natural location such as the woods etc… No hand instruments are used in this track which gives the soundtrack a stronger natural value.


Out of the 3 soundtracks I chose, “Haunted” is the most suitable soundtrack in terms of instruments and effect created. This is because it has a child-like theme, which relates to our opening scene. The instruments used such as the piano and triangle also convey an unsettling atmosphere, which is what we are aiming to achieve.

Liam Higgins