Synopsis – Madison Marshall

This is the synopsis for our horror film “Amy”

Our story centers around the 8 year old girl named Amy Winters. After the loss of her Grandfather Amy has been distant from her family, the only thing she cares about is her doll. The doll is named Anne, this doll was gift from her Grandfather.

With every passing day Amy’s obsession with the doll grows and this begins to worry her Father Dan. Her father has always loved Amy, she was his reason for living once she was born. Dan tries to separate the two which cases strange happenings in the house, it starts with just a draw left open here and there but soon grows to be a broken window or a ripped sofa cousin. This worries Amy’s Mother Cathy and her younger brother Jake. Both have always despised Amy as she took the attention from Dan away from them.

These strange happenings begin to grow along with the family’s fear apart from Amy’s. With every terrifying discovery Amy just seems to smile. Following this her father decides to set up cameras in her room to check on Amy, on the third night of recording Dan discovers Amy has been hiding Anne the doll under her pillow ad as the tape continues the doll turn her head to face Dan. This terrifies Dan and results in him running to Amy’s room discovering the doll is nowhere to be seen.

The following day Dan searches the house in need of finding the doll of his nightmares. He uncovers it under the floor boards in Amy’s room. Soon after this Dan burns the doll and feels lifted from worry and fear. This is until Amy comes home holding the doll in her hand. This terrifies Dan and he snatches the doll and rips it apart.

A couple of  weeks later all seems okay in the house hold, the family are stronger than ever and the doll hasn’t made a return. It is coming up to Dan and Cathy’s anniversary, they are going away to London, they have decided to employ a baby sitter named Max for the weekend. One they have left for London Max soon arrives to find a house full of destruction, though the chaos he finds Jake, he is dead with a slit throat. He instincts tell him to find Amy. He calls for her only to see find her in the door way behind him holding a bloody knife and Anne. Soon after Max hits the floor dead.

Amy await’s her parents return singing to her doll, once they have arrived back from there trip Amy plays a game of hide and seek. Killing Cathy off and chasing Dan. Dan finds Amy and is left with the choice to live or kill his own child. This thought is processed as she tries to kill him in numeral ways such as an ache toxic gas and her signature knife. The fight ends when Dan has to cut his daughters head off and burn her and the doll together thus severing the bond.

In our groups opening we wish to create a flash forward to the fifth paragraph using elements of enigma and fear to create tension and hype towards our film.

Madison Marshall