Top 10 Horror Production Companies – Rhys Crane

Top 10 Horror Production Companies


  • Benderspink – this was discovered in 1998 by Chris Bender and J.C. Spink. They were both nominated for the golden globe in the film “a history of violence”. Previous films include The Ring, Insanitrarium, The Butterfly Effect, and Kill Theory. Due to their high amounts of experience in film making, they have been able to turn their own company into one of the biggest horror production companies around via low budget films.1
  • Blumhouse Productions – This is an American production company created by an Emmy award producer, Jason Blum. His production company produce low budget films which have been some of the biggest in the world such as Sinister, Paranormal Activity, and Insidious. The amount of money they make from some films is very high compared to how much they spend, for example the budget for paranormal activity 1 was $15,000 which they managed to turn into $193,355,800! That is nearly 13,000 times the amount that they spent on the film!2
  • Circle of Confusion – this is another American production company, who have produced films such as Senseless, Vanishing on Seventh Street, and S&Man.3
  • Dark Castle Entertainment – this company was created in 1999 by Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis and Gilbert Adler. They have produce 10 successful films, which include Thirteen Ghosts, House of Wax, Gothika, Orphan, and The Reaping.4
  • Del Toro Productions – this was created by a Mexican film director, a producer and novelist called Guillermo Del Toro. He has co-produced in films such as The Orphanage, Mama, and Splice. None of these were in his production name, however he did produce “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark” which was a very successful film.5
  • Ghost House Pictures – this was found by a man called Robert Tapert, an American film producer. Films that have been produced by Ghost House Pictures include The Grudge, The Poltergeist, and The Possession.6
  • Platinum Dunes – this is an American film production company which was created in 2001 by Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, and Andrew Form, who were all filmmakers. Films produced by Platinum Dunes include The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hitcher, Friday the 13th, and The Amityville Horror.7
  • Rogue Pictures – this was originally created in 1997, but was reformed again in 2004. It was bought by universal as a company and help to produce films such as The Hitcher, Shaun of the Dead, and Fearless.8
  • Twisted Pictures – this is an American independent production company that mainly create horror films. It was founded in 2004 by Mark Burg, Oren Koules, and Gregg Hoffman. They produces films such as the Saw films, and the Body Snatcher.9
  • Vertigo Entertainment – this was founded in 2001 by Roy Lee and Doug Davison, both American film producers. The films that were produced include The Grudge, Possession, and The Lake House.10

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